For information or to schedule a private lesson, please call the Pro Shop at 847-781-3681. Bridges of Poplar Creek offers individual & group lessons throughout the year at our top of the line learning center.

Instructional Rates

Adult Private Lesson: $45 for 30 min
Adult Private Lesson Package: $190 for five 30 min lessons
Adult Private Video Lesson: $100 for 1 hr

Junior Private Lesson: $35 for 30 min
Junior Private Lesson Package: $150 for five 30 min lessons
Junior Private Video Lesson: $80 for 1 hr

Lesson Brochure

David Krzepicki - Golf Operations Manager

Phone: 847-781-3660

About David

I was born in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and was introduced to the game via the Golden Bears program at BPCCC and played on the golf team at Hoffman Estates High School. I have worked as a Golf Professional at Boulder Ridge Country Club in Lake in the Hills, Illinois as well as Bent Pine Golf Club in Vero Beach, Florida prior to becoming the Golf Operations Manager at Bridges of Poplar Creek. I have extensive experience in club fitting, club repair, instruction and player development programs. I enjoy competing in the Illinois PGA section events throughout the season.

I enjoy working with all ages of golfer to help the individual grow in whatever aspect of the game they are striving to improve on. It is important to tailor lessons to the each player based on their goals and aspirations within the game, and it is gratifying for not only the student, but sometimes even more so for me as the instructor when these goals are achieved. I enjoy using technology to help the golfer not only see their swing (video), but also to see what equipment they need to be using to put them in a position for success (launch monitors). My favorite area of the game to teach is the short game of 100 yards and in. This is the most vital part of the game for lower scores, and where statistically the highest percentages of shots are taken in a round.

Rob Michalak - PGA Assistant Golf Professional

Phone: 847-781-3680

About Rob

I have 20 years of Golf Industry experience including golf instruction, clinics, and running junior golf programs.  I have worked and taught for top ranked facilities like Medniah CC, Omni Tucson National, Geneva National, Dick’s Sorting Goods, and the Marriott Chardonnay Golf Club in Napa, CA.  I graduated from the Pro Golf Management Program at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI., and achieved my Class A status with the PGA in 1977.

Rob’s Teaching Philosophy

I like to start my lessons by interviewing my students with basic questions like: What goals or expectations do they have for themselves, and from the lessons? What physical limitations do they have? Have their golf clubs been fitted for them? These are critical factors that help me understand where each individual is coming from, and what the best course of action will be for them. I like to focus on the basics

Like grip, setup, balance, posture, alignment and ball position. I want my students to have a basic understanding of how all these factors effect ball flight. I like to use video because it helps me see swing factors, and more importantly, it helps my students see exactly what is happening. I also like to use training aids and drills to help my students improve.

Brian Bechtold | Director of Golf

Phone: 847-781-3679